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Glass block installation in Rochester

You love the look of glass block windows, but something so beautiful has to be madly expensive, right? Wrong! Let Becker Glass Block show you how affordable, practical, and easy it can be to convert your old-style windows to glass block. You'll get tons of compliments, and start recouping your investment in the form of energy savings. Call today to schedule a quote!

Security never looked so good

Traditional glass pane windows are an open invitation to potential thieves. Glass block windows, on the other hand, are virtually impossible to break through, so the message they send is more along the lines of "don't even think about it!" Which would you prefer? Call Becker Glass Block about option "B."

Fresh look, fresh air

Converting your pane windows to glass block windows doesn't mean sacrificing the ability to let fresh air into a room. Ask Becker Glass Block about the benefits of installing a fresh air vent in your window. We can even accommodate your dryer to vent through a glass block window. 
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Shedding some light on the subject

One of the many wonderful qualities about glass block is that you can decide the degree of light vs. privacy that you want. The "Wave" pattern, for example, lets the maximum amount of light in, while still granting some privacy. The "Ice" pattern may let in slightly less light, but keeps prying eyes in the dark.
  • Ice

  • Wave

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